Industrial Pipe Garment Rack KLB039

Industrial Pipe Garment Rack KLB039

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Selling: Industrial pipe garment rack KLB039

(Pipes and fittings only, timber not included)

Add a timber plank to finish the DIY garment rack, timber size must be 30cm x 100cm or a bit larger. Please contact us if different sizes required.

Length: 100cm

Width: 39cm

Height: 178cm

Flange diameter: 85mm

Weight: 6.5kg

Parts include:

Flange (32) x 8

Tube clamp elbow x 2

Tee (32) x 6

Adaptor coupling (32-25) x 2

40cm pipe (32) x 2

15cm pipe (32) x 2

6.5cm pipe (32) x 2

5cm pipe (32) x 8

100cm pipe (25) x 2

85cm pipe (25) x 1

33cm pipe (25) x 2

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