Industrial DIY Bathroom Vanity Frame DTX046

Industrial DIY Bathroom Vanity Frame DTX046

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Selling: Industrial DIY Bathroom Vanity Frame DTX046 (Pipes and Fittings Only)

Color: Silver

Length: 88cm

Width: 40cm

Height: 77cm

Weight: 10.5kg

Pipe Diameter: 32mm and 40mm

Flange Diameter: 85mm   

Material: Galvanised Iron

What will include in the package:

Flange (32) x 4

Reducing Tee (40-32) x 4

Tee (32) x 4

M/F Union (32) x 2

Adapter coupling (40-32) x 4

Adapter coupling (50-40) x 4

Bushing x 4 

75cm pipe (32) x 2

30cm pipe (32) x 2

18cm pipe (40) x 4

18cm pipe (32) x 4

6.5cm pipe (32) x 4

Timber and other accessories not included. 

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